Rodedawg International Industries (OTC:RWGI) Stock In Focus After Recent News

The interest among investors with regards to the cannabis industry is rising again and one of the companies which could well be worth looking into at this point is Rodedawg International Industries Inc (OTC:RWGI). The company had been in focus this past Friday after the company made an announcement with regards to the Coachella, California distribution license owned by Parabola Mgmt, its fully owned subsidiary unit.

The company revealed that the California Department of Cannabis Control had upgraded the license to ‘Record Complete’. The Chief Executive Officer of Rodedawg International Industries Chris Swartz spoke about the development as well. He noted that on April 12 the company had informed its shareholders through a post on X that it had hit a major second quarter milestone. He stated that ahead of the ‘4/20’ day the company was proud of the team for having been able to complete the third stage of the strategy of ‘Expanding out Cannabis License Portfolio’ and working hard towards turning the licensed cannabis distribution center into a major revenue generating business.

Swartz then stated that the recent development was an exciting one for Rodedawg International Industries since the distribution license was going to help in expanding the revenues of the company. The ‘Record Complete’ status was going to ensure that the new license was going to bring in more in terms of sales revenues.

The team at the company had been responsible for having managed to boost the growth curve considerably. Hence, there was overall confidence that the team would continue to deliver on the objectives for 2024. Swartz went on to state that the company was going to continue to provide updates on a regular basis to the stakeholders as Rodedawg International Industries continued to complete its roadmap for 2024 during the course of second fiscal quarter.



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