Solar Integrated Roofing Corporation (OTC:SIRC) Stock in Focus After Corporate and Operational Update

The solar energy industry continues to be one of the more interesting ones at this point and many investors have shown interest in it in recent times. A company in the sector that could be worth looking into at this point in time is Solar Integrated Roofing Corporation
(OTC:SIRC). It is an integrated company known for being the single-source solution provider for roofing, solar power, and electric vehicle charging systems. On April 24, Solar Integrated Roofing Corporation was in focus after it came up with key updates about its operations and also addressed certain questions from investors.

The company started off by stating that it had sold all its remaining assets in the residential roofing and residential solar markets in San Diego. It was noted that Future Home Power , a residential solar company that sells residential solar in the inland empire and San Diego, bought both Milholland Electric and McKay Roofing companies in April. The Chief Executive Officer of Solar Integrated Roofing Corporation Brad Rinehart noted that the sale was a major milestone for the company since it would not give the management the opportunity to devote all its attention to the growing commercial and government contracts business unit PLEMco.

The business unit in question supports micro grids, electric vehicle charging infrastructure, LED lighting conversions and commercial solar among others. Additionally, Rinehart also stated that the company would continue to offer commercial roofing through the Montrose Industries brand. In the news release the company also announced that the operations at PLEMco were progressing at a good pace thanks to three major commercial projects. It was also noted that there were installation projects with EverCharge and Xeal on the horizon for PLEMco. In light of the latest announcements it could be a good time for investors to consider keeping an eye on Solar Integrated Roofing Corporation.



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