SMC Entertainment Inc. (OTC:SMCE) Stock Rallies After Marketing Agreement with Plato Technologies, Inc.

This morning, most investors are going to be looking into those companies that may have been in the news cycle this past Friday, and one of the companies that could come into focus in a big way is SMC Entertainment Inc. (OTC:SMCE). The company came into focus on April 19 after it announced that it had entered into a marketing collaboration agreement with Plato Technologies Inc.

In this regard, it could be a good idea to take a closer look into Plato Technologies as a company. It is a specialist in the artificial intelligence-powered content disruption and management systems spaces. Thanks to the collaboration, it would provide SMC Entertainment with the ability to market Plato’s platform to the web and content development teams directly. It was also revealed in the news release that the two companies had already agreed on a revenue-sharing agreement. However, the client acquisition costs for each client would be deducted from the revenue-sharing sums.

The Chief Executive Officer of SMC Entertainment, Erik Baum, spoke about the latest development as well. He stated that the deal was only the beginning of the collaboration between the two companies. Baum stated that everyone at SMC Entertainment was excited at the possibility of engaging with Plato in its quest for the further development and building of its internal foundation related to artificial intelligence.

He noted that the success of any machine learning and artificial intelligence-based initiative depended on content management and data points. Baum stated that Plato was an expert in both the management of the data points as well as in supplying a cohesive platform on which the program could be executed. He went on to note that SMC Entertainment could market the Plato platform successfully and consequently get key access to the archived content.


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