Bayside Corporation (OTC:BYSD) Stock In Focus After Latest Update

The leading digital technology operator Bayside Corporation (OTC:BYSD) is one of the companies that could be worth tracking at this point in time in light of the developments from yesterday. On April 25, the company came into focus after it announced that it had picked up a minority stake in GoBigMouth LLC. The strategic move had been made by Bayside Corporation for the purpose of strengthening its digital marketing portfolio. In the news release, the company also stated that the investment was also going to unlock shareholder value and be in alignment with Bayside Corporation’s aim of being a major player in immersive media platforms and advertising technologies.

GoBigMouth is veteran-owned, and in recent times it has managed to expand quickly with impressive month-over-month growth in terms of revenues and client acquisition. It is a specialist in the fields of social media, SEO, web design, and voice search optimization. GoBigMouth is also renowned for its data-powered strategies and customized solutions. Perhaps more importantly, it has been successful in creating a strong track record of boosting the online visibility of small to medium-sized businesses through effective SEO techniques, strong web design, advanced voice search, reputation management, and strong social media engagement.

The Chief Executive Officer of Bayside Corporation, Edward Lewis, spoke about the latest move from the company yesterday. He noted that the investment made by the company in GoBigMouth was a significant move towards collaboration with a leading digital marketing agency. The partnership would deploy the expertise of GoBigMouth to speed up the growth of Bayside Corporation and extend the digital solutions it offers to a larger market. Lewis went on to note that everyone at the company was excited at the prospects that lay ahead in light of the partnership between the two companies.


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