Blackwell 3D Construction Corp. (OTC:BDCC) Stock Takes a Hit: But Why?

On Wednesday, there had been a large number of companies that had come into the news cycle for one reason or another, and this morning, many of those companies are going to be tracked by investors. One such company that could be worth looking into at this point in time is Blackwell 3D Construction Corp. (OTC:BDCC). The progressive 3D house printing technology firm is involved in bringing about a revolution in the construction industry by printing ecologically responsible 3D homes at only a fraction of the time and cost it takes to build regular homes. Yesterday, Blackwell 3D Construction Corp. announced that it had launched its new cutting-edge website.

The company noted that the new website did not only have a modern and clean design but also provided easy and quick access to vital information about Blackwell 3D Construction Corp. Interested parties could access the revamped website at In the news release, the company noted that the launch of the revamped website was a major new development and demonstrated Blackwell 3D Construction Corp.’s commitment to delivering advanced solutions. In the news release from the company yesterday, it was noted that the website incorporated a number of features that would make the browsing experience not only informative but also streamlined for all visitors.

Some of the important features of the revamped website include detailed company information, a section dedicated to investors’ relations, and an entire section focused on the management team of Blackwell 3D Construction Corp. The Chief Executive Officer of Blackwell 3D Construction Corp., Mohammed Saif Zaveri, spoke about the new website yesterday as well. He noted that the website was the primary mode of communication for the company, and the revamped website presented the progress and innovation in its work in an accurate manner at a time when Blackwell 3D Construction Corp. was making progress towards the project development phase.


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