Kona Gold Beverages Inc. (OTC:KGKG) Stock Rallies 15%: Here is Why

The holding company Kona Gold Beverages Inc. (OTC:KGKG), which specializes in the development of healthy and functional beverages, could be one of the companies worth tracking this morning. Yesterday, the company came into focus among investors after it announced that the highly anticipated first production run of its product, HighDrate D9 Drinks, would take place on May 17, 2024.

In the news release it was noted that the introduction of the HighDrate D9 Drinks would also be a major new milestone for Kona Gold Beverages at a time when the company was focussed on the expansion of its offering through the launch of innovative beverages. The HighDrate D9 Drinks had been developed by the company to appeal to health conscious consumers and would be launched in two flavors, Watermelon and Blueberry-Lemonade. Kona Gold Beverages also noted that it believed that the product would provide the consumers with a refreshing beverage experience.

The Chairman of Kona Gold Beverages Brandon White spoke about the developments on Monday. He noted that everyone at the company was excited at the fact that the first production run for the product was about to start soon. He went on to state that there had been strong pre-sales already and a market was awaiting the launch of the product with considerable eagerness.

Hence, the management of Kona Gold Beverages was confident that the new line of beverages would not only meet but surpass the expectations of consumers. Over recent times, the company along with Kona Gold LLC and Covert LLC, its subsidiary units, managed to build a reputation for producing healthy, premium energy drinks and products. The HighDrade D9 Drinks line of beverages would be the latest offering from the company that would be another addition to its ever growing portfolio. It remains to be seen if the Kona Gold Beverages stock experiences any action today.


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