Next Dynamics Inc. (OTC:NEXD) Stocks On Radar After Receiving Patent Grant

The grant of a patent is almost always a major development for any company, and hence, it is likely that such developments would be of interest to many investors. Yesterday, the Texas corporation Next Dynamics Inc. (OTC:NEXD) was in focus after it announced that its patent had been granted in South Korea and notices of allowance had been granted by the regulatory authorities in Europe and Israel.

The patent is entitled ‘IMPROVED BULLET, WEAPON PROVIDED WITH SUCH BULLETS, KIT FOR ASSEMBLING THE SAME, AND CORRESPONDING METHODS OF MANUFACTURING, OPERATING, AND USE ASSOCIATED THERETO’. However, the company did reveal in its news release that the patents for both Israel and Europe were expected to be awarded officially at some point in the next few months. It was noted that the patents were expected to be granted after translation of the documents and other related procedural issues by the foreign patent associates of Next Dynamics.

The allowances and patents would give Next Dynamics the necessary protection for its intellectual property in some of the more important regions of the world in terms of its business. The regions in question boast technology development prowess of the highest class and defense spending to the tune of $350 billion combined. The protection would allow Next Dynamics to move forward efficiently and execute strongly on its technology licensing strategies.

In the news release, the company also announced that it had continued to make major strides in the spheres of technology development and intellectual property protection. The patent that was granted in South Korea and the allowances in Israel and Europe for its Nemesis product provided the same level of intellectual property protections as the United States patents that had already been granted to Next Dynamics. It could be a good idea to keep an eye on the stock in the coming days.


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