Diamond Lake Minerals Inc. (OTC:DLMI) Stock In Focus After Recent News

The progressive multi-strategy operating company Diamond Lake Minerals Inc. (OTC:DLMI) is a specialist in digital assets and security tokens registered with the United States Securities and Exchange Commission. On April 18, the company came into focus after it announced the launch of a long-term real estate and working alliance with Boxabl Inc., a path-breaking modular home building company.

In this context, it could be a good idea to take a closer look into Boxabl as a company. Boxabl was established in 2017 by the father-and-son pair of Paulo and Galiano Tiramani. Paulo Tiramani is an industrial designer and mechanical engineer by training who holds in excess of 150 patent filings.

His son Galiano is a technology entrepreneur who has established a number of companies. Eventually, the two of them started working on testing, scouring, research, and development of alternative building materials as well as methods that could lead to the mass production of houses through automation. The company had bagged a United States government contract in 2021 worth $9 million for the delivery of as many as 156 casitas at a military base. In the same year, the company announced that it was going to have a manufacturing facility spanning 170000 square feet in Las Vegas.

Through the partnership with Diamond Lake Minerals, there would be further expansion of the use case of Boxabl, and the two entities would work together so as to design, identify, and develop communities that would be known as Boxabl Villages. It was further noted that through the collaboration, Diamond Lake Minerals expected to come up with a more efficient process and shorter turnaround times for the residents to get possession of their new homes. It could be a good move for investors to keep an eye on further announcements pertaining to the collaboration.



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