Epazz Inc. (OTC:EPAZ) Stock Gains Momentum: Here is Why

Diversified tech companies can be one of the more interesting prospects for investors due to the possibilities of multiple upsides, and that makes Epazz Inc.’s (OTC:EPAZ) stock one to watch out for. The mission-critical blockchain, cryptocurrency mobile apps, cloud-based business software solutions, and drone technology provider were in focus on Tuesday following a major new announcement. Epazz announced yesterday that CryObo, its subsidiary unit, would issue tokens for its Solar Bitcoin project. In the news release, the company announced that the holders of tokens would be entitled to a share of the income from the Bitcoin mining operations of Epazz.

It was also noted that CryObo would set up a new Dubai-based company for the purpose of issuing the tokens. The decision to set up the company in Dubai was taken owing to the country’s friendliness toward cryptocurrency-related ventures. Following the formation of the company, CryObo would start working on the acquisition of land and hiring personnel. The tokens that would be issued in relation to the project would be made available to those who reside in Asia, the Middle East, and Europe. The Chief Executive Officer and Chairman of Epazz, Shaun Passley, spoke about the development as well.

He noted that the company had been working on the solar Bitcoin project for quite a while, and following the latest development, there was considerable excitement about the fact that the project was moving forward. The subsidiary company CryObo is involved in further developing its software for the purpose of providing companies backed by tangible assets with early and easy access to the digital token markets. It should also be noted that the company believes that its platform will change the way in which transactions take place in the realms of real estate, raw materials, and digital assets by providing companies with the ability to access the future valuation of the assets.


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