Kona Gold Beverages Inc. (OTCPK: KGKG) Stock On Watchlist After Recent News

One of the companies that could come on the radar of investors this morning is Kona Gold Beverages Inc. (OTCPK: KGKG), given the announcement that the company made yesterday. It operates in the form of a major holding company with a special focus on innovative product development in the healthy and functional beverage space. Yesterday, the company was in the news cycle after it announced that it had entered into a joint venture agreement with Apple Rush Co., Inc.

In the news release, it was noted that both companies were thrilled to have inked the joint venture agreement, which could bring about a transformational change to the beverage industry. A strategic partnership between the two parties would bring their specific capabilities and skills together. The joint venture would be concerned with the manufacturing and marketing of an innovative range of advanced products meant to serve fast-growing consumer preferences.

Apple Rush operates in the form of a diversified holding company with considerable experience in farming as well as manufacturing in the nutraceutical industry. The company’s subsidiary unit, Lena Brewing, is equipped with the manufacturing capabilities necessary to bring innovative concepts for beverages to life. As per the provisions of the agreement between the two parties, Lena Brewing would be principally responsible for the manufacturing of a range of products for Kona Gold Beverages.

Some of the products that it would be responsible for making would be Highdrate D9 Seltzer, Kona Gold Hemps Energy Drink, and another exciting new line of functional beverages. The president of Kona Gold Beverages, Brandon White, spoke about the development as well. He noted that a team from the company had flown down to Chicago in order to take a look at the facilities of Lena Brewing and had been considerably impressed by what it saw.


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