Oliveda International Inc. (OTC:OLVI) Stock Gains Momentum: But Why?

Following the major new announcement made by the company on Wednesday, it is likely that Oliveda International Inc. (OTC:OLVI) will be in focus among investors this morning. The company announced yesterday that its subsidiary unit, Olive Tree People Inc., recently completed its first full year in the United States.

More importantly, the company announced that Olive Tree People was on track to generate sales of around $100 million in the second year, thanks to daily sales of $300,000. Such a performance would make it the fastest-growing waterless beauty company in the United States.

The Chief Executive Officer of the company, Thomas Lommel, spoke about the development as well. He spoke about some of the things that the company had done right. One of those was the move to replace the 70% water in traditional beauty products with hydroxytyrosol and olive leaves, both part of an ancient Mediterranean secret. Secondly, Lommel noted that the products work, and customers were also swayed by the 365-day return guarantee that it offered. The return policy was a demonstration of the sort of confidence that the company had in its product.

Last but not least, the company had also grown the community around the product in an organic way over the past 12 months and boasted of 10,000 waterless beauty consultants in the United States. In the news release, it was also acknowledged that the success enjoyed by Olive Tree People also had a direct consequence on the share price of the parent company, Oliveda International. In recent months, the share price has gone up notably, and much of that may have been due to the growth of Olive Tree People. In light of the developments, it could be a good time for investors to consider adding Oliveda International stock to their watch lists.


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