Dalrada Financial Corporation (OTC:DFCO) Stock Surges 10%: Here is Why

Considering the key announcement made by Dalrada Financial Corporation (OTC:DFCO) on Monday, it is quite likely that the company’s stock will come into focus among investors today. Not too long ago, the company formed Dalrada Home Corp., a fully owned subsidiary unit focused on the distribution and development of heat pumps for home use. Yesterday, the company announced that it had formed an advisory board for the subsidiary and revealed the identities of the members.

The announcement with regards to the formation of the advisory board came soon after the announcement was made about the lines of business in which Dalrada Home Corp. would be involved. In the news release, Dalrada Financial Corporation noted that the domestic heat pump market commanded a valuation of $13 billion in the United States and is on track to hit a valuation of $30 billion in less than a decade.

The advisory board had been formed by the founder and chief executive officer of Dalrada Financial Corporation, Brian Bonar. He had formed the advisory board with great care and brought along members who not only had specialized experience but also a vast amount of knowledge. The advisory board at Dalrada Home Corp. would comprise members from a range of sectors, like renewable energy, energy technology, and global branding.

Bonar spoke about the development yesterday. He noted that the advisory board would be made up of some of the best minds in the fields of energy and sustainability. The expertise and support from the members of the advisory board would ensure that Dalrada Home Corp. came up with strong business plans and created a course for developing ideas for hitting its ambitious goals. The members of the advisory board named yesterday were HMC Company CEO Rowland Hanson, utility sector executive Ted Reguly, and renewable energy expert and consultant Ian Robertson.


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