Nine Mile Metals Ltd. (OTC:VMSXF) Stock In Focus After Latest News

In recent times, there has been significant interest in mining stocks among investors, and for good reason too. This morning, most investors will be looking into those mining companies that came into focus last Friday, and one of those could be Nine Mile Metals Ltd. (OTC:VMSXF).

The company came into the news cycle last Friday after it announced that it had inked a consulting services agreement with Kindered Communications Inc. dated April 5, 2024. As per the terms of the agreement, Kindered Communications would be responsible for providing support to the investor relations activities of the company.

It was revealed that the consulting services agreement had been initially signed for a period of three months and had commenced last Friday. The two entities would operate on a month-to-month basis, and a cancellation notice period pertaining to the termination of the agreement had been set at 60 days. Kindered would be responsible for providing Nine Mile Metals with social media management on its accounts on YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, X, and LinkedIn. Additionally, it would be responsible for content creation, dissemination of news releases, and providing key updates on the Nine Mile Metals website so that the investing audience remains aware of the latest developments.

Over the course of the three-month period, Nine Mile Metals would pay Kindered a fee of $4000 a month in the form of arrears. However, that was not all. Kindered had also been provided with a total of 200,000 stock options.

The options could be vested immediately and could be exercised for the exercise price of $0.10 a share up until 24 months since the agreement or the termination of services, whichever comes earlier. Nine Mile Metals also announced at the time that its directors and officers had been granted 1,300,000 stock options. Another consultant had been awarded 200,000 stock options too.



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