Diagnamed Holdings Corp. (OTC:DGNMF) Stock Soars: What’s the Buzz?

As the artificial intelligence sector continues to be the most closely followed sector among investors and analysts, it may be a good time for investors to take a look into some companies involved in the sector. One of the companies that could be worth tracking is the artificial intelligence-powered digital healthcare firm Diagnamed Holdings Corp. (OTC:DGNMF).

Yesterday, the company came into the news cycle after it announced that it had been successful in adding Drexel University as a new site for the test launch of CERVAI. CERVAI is the first consumer brain health and wellness artificial intelligence solution in the world. It was another illustration of the continued expansion of the commercial initiatives of Diagnamed Holdings Corp. for its CERVAI Brain Health AI Platform in the United States and Canada. At this point, the platform is being used at the University of Miami Comprehensive Center for Brain Health and leading research hospitals in Canada, which include St. Joe’s Healthcare Hamilton and Hamilton Health Sciences.

The company noted that the CERVAI Brain Health AI Platform was the world’s first consumer brain health and wellness AI solution, which helps in determining brain age while also providing a score for brain health. As per the research and development activities undertaken at the University of Miami and Drexel University, the platform combined the brain health assessment tool and the BRAIN AGE estimation function so as to raise concerns about the possibility of any issues with regards to brain health.

The company also revealed that the commercial pilot program for CERVAI Brain Health was already available to clinics located in the United States and Canada. Diagnamed Holdings went on to state that the ideal clinics for the pilot ought to be focused on health, wellness, physical therapy, clinical research in neurological and cognitive disorders, and chiropractic care.



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