Bonanza Goldfields Corp (OTCMKTS:BONZ) Stock Goes Parabolic: Rises 220% in a Week

Investors who might be on the hunt for those stocks which have recorded enormous gains in recent days could consider tracking the Bonanza Goldfields Corp (OTCMKTS:BONZ) stock.

Yesterday, the stock was in action yet again and clocked gains of 30% as investors kept piling on to it in a big way. That took its gains over the course of the past week to as much as 220%. Yesterday the stock surged after Bonanza Goldfields announced that after it had previously notified about its plans to acquire Marivon, it got a considerable amount of interest from market participants with regards to Manivon.

Hence, the company decided to provide an overview of Marivon and the products and services that the company deals in. In essence, Marivon is what is called a ‘metaverse’ blockchain technology.

It is involved in the task involved with the sourcing of high quality digital assets, picking up the rights to the intellectual property related to the assets and then mines the assets for the purposes of creating Hybrid NFTs (non-fungible tokens). It goes without saying that NFTs have become a hugely lucrative niche in the crypto market this year and that may be another reason behind the excitement about the Bonanza Goldfields stock.


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