Amazonas Florestal (OTCMKTS:AZFL) Stock Moves Up After The News

Amazonas Florestal (OTCMKTS:AZFL) is all set to expand its CBD and medical marijuana product offerings. For this reason, the company has signed a partnership with Botánica de la Sierra, a fully licensed Colombian grower. The latter has 212-acre farm dedicated to hemp genetics, with another 84-acre farm with greenhouses for developing medical marijuana plants, along with Colombian genetics containing high levels of cannabinoids.

This collaboration marks a joint venture for both companies in their distribution efforts too. Moreover, numerous potential clients in Colombia and other Latin American countries have expressed keen interest in buying full spectrum distillate to be used as raw material for their finished products. The two companies hope to make a significant impact as growers and manufacturers of premium grade medical marijuana products in the country.

Amazonas Florestal CEO Ricardo Cortez states that Botánica’s 5 cannabis licenses, along with their farmland and greenhouses can help them solidify their position in the market.  He is hopeful that laws regarding adult use of medical marijuana in Columbia and Mexico should be passed this year, so they are able to cater to a wider audience.

Botánica de la Sierra CEO Anselmo Marín is equally thrilled about the partnership and new opportunities for growth. They look forward to creating in-house medical products by building an extraction lab with molecular separation capabilities, like Amazeonas is developing in Miami, Florida.


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