Unrivaled Brands (OTCMKTS:UNRV): Direct-to-Consumer Delivery of Korova Products Now Available Across California

The partnership of Unrivaled Brands (OTCMKTS:UNRV), which dabbles in the cannabis sector and has operations based in California (Oregon), with Amuse, a California-based cannabis ecommerce delivery service, is already making waves! Their objective is to provide services to over 400 Zip codes directly with Korova, which is the leader in high potency cannabis in the West Coast. It has ruled the roost in California for over a decade when it comes to legal cannabis.

The much-talked about Korova’s Black Bottle lineup, which is a 2oz 1000mg, nano-emulsified, rapid-onset tincture offered in distinct fruit flavors, is about to get a boost. It is all set to introduce an exclusive CBN & THC Sleep tincture, the first multi-cannabinoid tincture! If you check out Korova’s new site on the Amuse platform, you will find it has been re-designed to emulate the brand’s look and feel for the Korova ecommerce experience.

Oren Schauble, Unrivaled’s President is excited about how Amuse can offer high-technology cannabis delivery to a market that is ready for modern and convenient delivery options. He feels the new product mix represents the Korova brand remarkably, and they are now eager to offer Korova’s fans across CA, increased access to their merchandise via delivery partnerships with Amuse.


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