St George’s Eco Mining Corp (SXOOF) Issues Exploration Update: Stock Jumps

Those looking into mining stocks today could consider taking a look at the St George’s Eco Mining Corp (OTCMKTS:SXOOF) stock. The stock was in focus yesterday after it provided a range of updates with regards to its current exploration programs.

The stock ended the day with gains of as much as 7% as a consequence and it is likely to be in focus among investors today as well. The updates provided by the company were in relation to three of its mineral projects related to energy, gold and other metals. The projects are situated on the Quebec North Shore and in Iceland.

While the updates from the different projects came as a source of excitement for many investors, St George’s Eco Mining also provided an update with regards to a management reorganisation. Gary Johnson, who is a director at the company, was remediated as a result of conflicts of interest.

Johnson resigned from his position on the St George’s Eco Mining board as a consequence. However, the company did add that Johnson is going to continue to advise the company with regards to projects that do not present any conflicts of interest in any way.


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