Resource Global Services Group (RGSG) Stock Takes a Sharp Hit: Here is Why

Over the course of the past few weeks the Resource Global Services Group (OTCMKTS:RGSG) emerged as one of the biggest gainers in the markets but on Thursday the momentum was somewhat reversed.

Stock Falls On Profit Booking

After having gone through the massive rally in the past weeks the Resource Global Services stock declined by as much as 57%, amidst a heavy selloff. That being said, it is also necessary to note that even after yesterday’s slump the stock is still up by as much as 680% over the past weeks. Perhaps the most important thing to point out in this regard is the fact that there has been no news at all about the company that might have led to such a remarkable rally.

Resource Global Services is a company with a worldwide operation and is listed on the OTC exchange in the United States. The company is involved in making investments that can make valuable returns and eventually help in unlocking as much value as possible for the Resource Global Services shareholders.

However, there has been no news about the company for more than a year now and the rally remains a bit of a mystery at this point. Investors could keep an eye on any news about Resource Global Services.


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