Baristas Coffee Company (OTCMKTS:BCCI) Stock Gains Momentum: Jumps 7% in a Week

In the past week, the Baristas Coffee Company/Munchie Magic (OTCMKTS:BCCI) has seen its stock perform admirably. The stock has gone up by as much as 67% during the period and on Tuesday the company was in the news again after it made a significant announcement.

The company announced that the revenues generated by its Munchie Magic restaurants for the month of August hit an all time new high. It should be noted that those restaurants are best known for delivering a range of items starting from Ben & Jerry’s ice cream to alcohol and from beer and wine to snacks.

The previous record had been set by the company in March and the revenues generated by Munchie Magic in August trumped it by as much as 8%. As a matter of fact, the revenues actually went up by more than 100% on a year on year basis.

The restaurants managed to hit such levels primarily due to the sales of alcohol but at the same time it should be noted that ice cream remains the top product. Hence, it was no surprise that the stock has come on to the radars of investors in recent days. It remains to be seen if the Barista Coffee Company can managed to add to its gains today.


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