ClickStream Corp (OTCMKTS:CLIS) Stock Picks Up Momentum: Now What?

Tech company ClickStream Corp (OTCMKTS:CLIS) which is involved in the development of apps as well as digital platforms that are meant for bringing about disruption to certain industries.

On Wednesday, the ClickStream stock emerged as one of the major movers after the company released key data with regards to the HeyPal app, which belongs to the company’s subsidiary Nebula Software Corp. ClickStream announced that as many as 4,200,000 messages had been received over the HeyPal app and in addition to that there had been 186,000 likes, 865,000 translations, 22,000 posts and as many as 279,000 downloads.

Those are highly impressive numbers considering the fact that the beta version of the HeyPal app had only been launched seven months ago on the Apple App Store. Hence, it was no surprise that investors piled on to the ClickStream stock in a big way on Wednesday and sent it soaring by as much as 25%.

Additional data was released with regards to the HeyPal app as well and those made for interesting reading as well. User loyalty as far as new users went stood at 66% and as many as 34% of the downloads were organic in nature, meaning they went into the App Store to download the app.


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