Majic Wheels Corp (OTCMKTS:MJWL) stock Sees Buying Interest At Lower Level

Last Friday the Delaware corporation Majic Wheels Corp (OTCMKTS:MJWL) stock managed to make a recovery of sorts after having been hammered for most of the week.

The stock jumped by 7% on Friday but it ended the week with a decline of 25% nonetheless. The company, which is primarily involved in the software development and financial technology industries, provided a recap of the corporate presentation that had been held online on August 22. It was an important development and the events that were summarised again possibly led to a wave of optimism in the Majic Wheels stock.

The company released a video regarding the presentation on the home page of the corporate website. Interested investors could do well to take a look at the video and get an idea about the recent happenings at Majic Wheels. In addition to that, a PDF copy of the presentation had also been released by the company.

Dr. Vin Menon, who is a co-founder, spoke about the fact that shareholders had been eager to learn about the company, its history and the sort of work that it has done so far. Hence, the company decided to release a video of its online presentation on its website.


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