Resgreen Group International (OTCMKTS:RGGI) Stock Falls 9% in a Week: But Why?

Anyone looking into stocks that might have recorded notable declines over the course of the past week may considering taking a look at the Resgreen Group International (OTCMKTS:RGGI) stock.

Over the course of the past week the stock has declined by as much as 9% and in this situation, it is perhaps important for investors to figure out if the drop in the stock price could be an opportunity. Yesterday, Resgreen was in the news after the noted mobile robot firm announced that it hired the services of Media Tek LLC for the purposes of investor relations communications.

Media Tek is an investor relations specialist based out of New York and the development is an important one for Resgreen. It is necessary to keep in mind that Media Tek is well known for provides well executive marketing strategies that are different from traditional strategies and could, in fact, provide Resgreen with a new dimension in the long run.

The Chief Executive Officer of Resgreen, Parsh Patel spoke about the appointment made by the company as well. Patel stated that the growth of the company is also going to be dependent in the identification of the right media strategy and that is something that Media Tex can help the company with.


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