Video River Networks (OTCMKTS:NIHK) Stock In Focus After The Recent Fall

The Video River Networks (OTCMKTS:NIHK) stock started the week on a bleak note as it suffered from a selloff yesterday and ended the day with a steep decline of as much as 25%. Yesterday, the Chief Executive Officer of the company sent in a letter in which he spoke about the commitment of Video River Networks to the value of the OTC.

In the letter, the CEO addressed some of the attacks that had been made by George Sharp against him and also his wife. In the letter, he said that the attacks were unfair and biased. He went on to state that he has had to respond to these allegations from George Sharp but added that it was necessary to respond to the attacks swiftly.

Then he dwelt on the perhaps the most important topic, which was the company’s listing on the OTC Markets. The Video River Networks CEO noted that all companies which first list on that exchange do so in order to realise a ‘dream’. While it may be true that many of the companies on the OTC Market may end up failing, it is possible to make a success out of it through hard work and eventually get listed on a larger exchange.


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