GeoVax Labs Inc (NASDAQ:GOVX) Stock Makes a Bullish Move: But Why

Biotech company GeoVax Labs Inc (NASDAQ:GOVX) has been in sharp focus among investors in the premarket trading period and has actually clocked gains of as much as 64%. The rally in the stock is understandable considering the announcement made by the company yesterday.

The company, which is primarily involved in cancer immunotherapies as well as human vaccines, presented the data from the current studies that it is conduction for its COVID 19 preventive vaccine. The presentation was made by the Chief Scientific Officer of the company Mark J. Newman and was titled, “Design of a Universal SARS-CoV-2 Vaccine Against Evolving Variants”.

It was no surprise that the presentation caused excitement among investors considering the fact that the Delta variant of the COVID 19 virus has started wreaking havoc in different parts of the world yet again. The presentation was made by the company at the European Society of Medicine (ESMED) General Assembly. The event started yesterday and is going to conclude today.

The company noted that it has come up with a design strategy through the deployment of its Modified Virus Ankara – Virus Like Particle platform that could result in broader immunity. Investors could do well to keep an eye on the GeoVax stock today.


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