Capital Financial Global Inc (CFGX) Stock Picks Up Momentum: Now What?

Capital Financial Global Inc (OTCMKTS:CFGX) was in the news this in recent days after the company provided a key update to their shareholders through its Twitter account back on August 20, 2021. In the Tweet, the company stated, “$CFGX is now fully approved with OTC Markets Group for their OTC Disclosure and News Service.

This is key to bring the Company back to full Pink Current disclosure status before the September 26th SEC Rule 15c2-11 deadline.” It goes without saying that it was a significant development for the company and naturally, it has also resulted in renewed interest in the Capital Financial stock among investors.

The stock was on the move as well and it ended up clocking gains of as much as 9% over the course of the previous week. While the Capital Financial stock managed to gather considerable momentum last week, it is also going to be interesting to see if it can hold on to the momentum this week or not. Hence, it might possibly be a good idea for investors to keep an eye on the stock over the course of the coming days and see if there is any movement.


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