Procrear Plan: the Government will launch a new stage with credits to finance construction materials

One of the measures to revive the economy that the president, Alberto Fernández, will announce next week will be the launch of a new stage of the Procrear Plan together with the National Plan of Soils, as confirmed by the Minister of Territorial Development and Habitat, María Eugenia Bielsa. In the portfolio they estimated that the President’s announcement will be between Monday and Wednesday through a video conference in which mayors from different areas will participate.

“Procrear has been an extraordinary and virtuous program that between 2008 and 2015 had a very important effect and a great impact, not only because of access to housing but also because of job creation,” Bielsa said in statements to Télam radio.

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In this framework, she said that the Government returns to “that program with its best practices and we will add some new lines, also trying to give an answer to what was once a problem, which is access to land.” The official idea is “that land is not a limitation to be able to access housing.”

For this, the Land Cabinet was created. The idea is that the state assets that are in the orbit of the State Assets Administration Agency (AABE) are destined, among other uses, to the Procrear Plan.

The official objective is to generate lots with services to expand access to urbanized land. “This means that relations with the provinces and municipalities will be formalized so that banks of urbanized land can be created and access to housing easier,” said Bielsa. “It is a program that will extraordinarily complement direct access to the home, “he said and recalled that” those who had a land bank when Procrear arrived in its best version, quickly many people accessed the mortgage, but now, in many places, the land is more expensive than the house, “he said.

Sources from the ministry that Bielsa conducts indicated that the different lines of financing include personal and real estate loans. There will also be urban developments, which will be expanded over the 79 properties already built in previous negotiations.

According to Minister Bielsa, the priorities for the Government did not change with the pandemic: Since December 10 we have been thinking about territorial decentralization and a more balanced country. ”

“What the pandemic is doing is putting this situation more clearly, that is, the need to think about a more federal country; and with it the need to accelerate these processes,” she said. In addition, the official pointed out that “if they were always a priority, now they are more a priority.”

Among other things, the official stressed that “the housing projects are extremely catalytic because they demand skilled and unskilled labor, and consumption is mainly national.”

During the day, Bielsa also met with executives from various chambers of the construction materials industry. They discussed the programs underway in their portfolio and the role of the sector for economic recovery. “We are promoting a table to develop consensus that will enable us to generate an important mobilization of resources, setting criteria of quality, responsibility and prices that in turn allow this sector to be the protagonist of the development of our country,” said the official after the meeting.

It is estimated that the Ministry’s programs will boost a demand for at least some 120 billion pesos in construction materials during the remainder of this year and next. Representatives of the main chambers of the sector, such as cement, glass, ceramics, wood and bricks, among others, participated in the meeting.

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